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School Lunch

Q. Does Al Manara Academy serve daily lunches to students?
Yes. Al Manara Academy (AMA) serves hot lunches five days a week. The lunch menu changes from month to month. Please view the “Lunch Menu” under the “Parents” tab.

Q. How much is lunch?
The cost for lunch is $3.00 per lunch for students in 1st to 8th grade and $2.00 per lunch for students in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Students will need to purchase a lunch card. There are two types of lunch cards: 10-day card for $35, or a 20-day card for $70

Q. How can my child pay for their hot lunch?
Parents and students can purchase lunch cards at the school office. Please provide money in envelope indicating on the envelope the child’s name and if the money is for the day, week, month, or year.

Q. Are these lunches halal?
Yes. One of the great benefits of sending your child to an Islamic private school is having the peace of mind in knowing your child will never be served food or snacks that are not Halal.

Q. Can my child bring lunch to school?
Yes. However, we suggest bringing items that already have eating utensils, if needed. Also, although there is a microwave available for use, we do not recommend students bring lunches that need to be heated, as those students tend to get caught in a lengthy line for the microwave which interferes with their lunch time. Please mark the child’s lunch bag with the child’s full name.

Q. My child has an allergy. How do I maximize their safety?
If your child has an allergy, it should be listed on the school registration form parents fill out each year. If it is a new allergy, we advise that you to inform your child’s homeroom teacher and Al Manara office staff as soon as possible.